Our company provides a series of services to our clients. Among them:

Trade Finance and Consulting

 -We provide export and import service to our domestict and international clients as well as web translation service.Please check trade products

Rep Service
- You can have your phone,which number can be listed in your Japanese web site, in one of our offices. We answer it with the name of your company, and translate and relay the inqiries from poential customer to you.
-The email inquiries are translated and relayed to you.
Export Agent
-We look for targetted products in Japan for buyers. Commissions are only charged on successful trade basis.
-We provide translation/interpretation service at trade exibition for buyers.

  Capital Raising Consulting

-In Japan, fund is regarded as security and subject to Financial Instrument and Exchange Act
-You need security license to access to investors.
-You can access to security company without licenseList of security companies

  Investment Consulting

-Large property is usually held with SPV(TMK orTK-GK)
-In case of TK-GK the property has to be in trust.
-TMK has tax benefit for overseas investors.
Please see ourproperty list.

  Real Estate Consulting

- We find your property. Please see the list of LEASING PROPERTIES or email us at contact@asahi-businee.net.

  Other Consulting

-Advertisement,and Web translation.

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